How do we get Guest posts?

Hand holding a weight with the message saying power to gain guest posts

We contact different websitess with a well structured email asking them if they would be willing to give us a guest post if they say yes to us we then make them a unique article then link back to are client site.

I will talk about as well the big mistakes we see from other people who try and do guest posting they put these sort of emails

“Hi Sir can I get a guest post?” Why is this wrong or bad Sir is term not many people use to address someone else unless they are actual Sir or you are in fancy resturant . The email is very short it gives no information about who you are or why you are good for this since in most cases when you send someone else a email they have no idea who you are unless you are say a Rockstar or other kind of famous person.

I run the best SEO Agency you need me . Why is this wrong? It sounds very bigheaded and is speaking down to the other person or business this is a big reason why people will tell you no for guest posts or charge you more money since you are respecting the other in no way when comes to approach other businessses you must remember they are more important than you since you need them for help or a link if you can think this you will be way ahead of other people when it comes to asking for links.

Networking I know a lot of people think this means a scam or bad thing but when it comes to working with other people if you built up the right relationships this can allow you to get guest posts more easy for example I got a link of fairly famous company who makes SEO software my method for doing this was simply this I made a compliment saying” I liked a lot how simple this software makes for finding out the contact details allowing me ot get the details of the other business in fast easy way” what happened next the creator of the software asked me for a review of his software so I replied back saying sure and would you allow me a guest post back to my site from your one over me doing this? he “Sure” then I got free link by me simply turning my review into guest post chance.

WordPress plugins has basically a unlimited supply of plugins you can easy use this as a way to get more less unlimited supply of backlinks lets say we find one which was updated quite recently say within 1 week if it has 1000 or less install it means not many people are writing about as such we can check if they have a website if they do all we do is install the plugin on, are website do review about why is good thing then we approach the creator of the software and ask for link the reason this method works so well is when you have new software not many people know about so if someone is willing to do a review about it for free it will to a certain degree flatter them that you did it meaning you can get a link of them with a high chance of success .

Can you get links for free this purely depends on your approach for this being possible or not each time.